Bharatatma Puraskar – 2020

Application Process – 15 March to 30 September 2020

Bharatatma Awards

The Singhal Foundation, decided to institute the annual “Bharatatma Ashokji Singhal Vedic Awards” as the first national level awards in vedic education. These awards would, both, showcase excellence in vedic education at a national level and of perpetuate the name of Sh Ashokji Singhal.

The Foundation will annually give three awards as under:

  • The ideal vedic teacher
  • Excellent veda student
  • The best vedic school

We hope that these awards will encourage more and more schools, teachers and students to take up the study of the vedas and propagate them for the good of society.

Finalists 2019 - Excellence by a student

Ajay Joshi
Shivanand Kishore Malegaonkar
Rahul Ramesh Belle

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